Friendika Cross poster WordPress plugin

This post from my wordpress will be cross posted to Friendika via the shiny new Friendika to WordPress plugin.

I’ll need a few testers to try it out before I submit it to the plugin database.  It includes the post title and body, adds post tags as hashtags and a permalink back to the original post.

Updates to an existing post are resent as a new status update.

Download here now available in the WordPress Plugin Database so you can install right from wordpress…just search for ‘Friendika’

[Update] I’ve added a html->bbcode conversion on the content so it shows up nicely on Friedika.  Looks like the my conversion doesn’t handle the height and width attributes of an img tag though.  So if you have a massive image posted, but have it set to a smaller height and width in html – it will appear massive on Friendika.  Will be fixing this in v1.2

Mike has added a new api end point to accommodate html status updates, but I don’t think it’s made it out to all the sites yet.

[update] now that the plugin is available from the wordpress plugin db, there is an accompanying forum for bugs, feature requests, etc. here

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2 comments on “Friendika Cross poster WordPress plugin
  1. Haverholm says:

    Looks great, now I have two-way communication between my blog and Friendika installation!

    Small request, would it be possible to set cross posting on by default? I’ll want to post new blog posts to Friendika in 99% of all cases, and I’d rather have to uncheck when I don’t want to share than the other way around.

    Thanks for the plugin!

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