Safari Extension

What’s  They’ve got it all spelled our here at - but basically it’s a proof of concept/demo for an app that you can use to clip images you find online and they get posted to your diaspora stream. (it’s a bit addictive)

There was an extension for firefox and chrome (can’t find a link) – but nothing for safari users… until now.

Click here to download the extension – un-zip and double-click, or run in safari – this should install it in your safari.  Right click on an image and choose ‘Send to’.

There’s some funkiness between the way the cubbies.js works in an iframe and how a safari extension works (e.g.: no iframe as I understand it) so I did have to hack around a bit by adding my own method to the cubbies object.  I’m looking into ways to accomplish what I need without the hackery.  But we might need to get an additional method added to the cubbies object to support a safari extension.

For those interested, the github location is here.

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One comment on “ Safari Extension
  1. Devlon says:

    Apparently there was already an extension for Safari here: – works well, same functionality as the other browsers (shift-click)

    The extension I built uses a right-click on the image to trigger the image clip.

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